IN: Man nabbed for data theft

S Ahmed Ali reports:

MUMBAI: A private data consultancy firm employee, who quit the job after allegedly selling data to a rival company for money, was arrested by sleuths of the Mumbai Cyber cell on Thursday.

Sagar Deepak More, 28, a data executive with a US-based company in Mumbai, was arrested under the Information Technology Act. More is among the two dozen data company employees who have been arrested by the cyber police during the last one year.

The cyber police said that this kind of theft is a new trend in the data consultancy field. The complaint was filed by the data company which said that Deepak More and two other employees violated the terms of the protective and confidential agreements and not only joined the rival company but also sold the data to the company using the complainant company’s username and passwords. According to the police, the complaint was filed by the US-based company, which has overseas clients.

Source: Times of India.

Would be nice to know what U.S. company this refers to.

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