In Misstep, Schools Vaccinate 2 Without Parental Consent (UPDATED)

Anahad O’Connor reports:

In a minor setback for New York City’s effort to vaccinate schoolchildren against swine flu, two students were inadvertently vaccinated without the consent of their parents, city health officials said Thursday.

The children suffered no adverse effects from the vaccinations and were expected to be fine, but the misstep raised questions about the way in which the program is being carried out. Health officials said they had started an inquiry.

Read more in the New York Times.

UPDATE: One of the children reportedly did have an adverse reaction and was sent to the hospital by the school. See the NY Daily News. The child’s mother reportedly had not sent in consent for the shot because she was investigating whether her child should have it in light of the epilepsy medications she takes. Due to an error, the teacher sent the wrong student down to the nurse’s office for the vaccination.

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