In: OlaCabs hacked, credit card info accessed; company denies data breach

Shruti Dhapola reports:

A hacker group by the name Team Unknown has claimed that they successfully hacked into OlaCabs and managed to get access to sensitive information like credit-card history, vouchers, user behaviour. Ola has denied these claims.

According to the post, which was shared on Reddit, the hackers put out snapshots which showcased credit cards and voucher codes, and claimed that OlaCabs’ “application design is very poor and their development server is weakly configured” which is what made the hack successful.


Meanwhile Ola has replied to the claims of the hacker and said that “there has been no security lapse, whatsoever to any user data.”

According to Ola, “The alleged hack seems to have been performed on a staging environment when exposed for one of our test runs. The staging environment is on a completely different network compared to our production environment, and only has dummy user values exclusively used for internal testing purposes.”

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