IN: Pharmacy pays fine for jeopardizing patient information

In 2006, WTHR in Indianapolis ran a series of investigative reports on how local pharmacies were trashing sensitive prescription information. Their series resulted in legislative and state investigations and rightfully earned them a Peabody Award for the series. But the impact of their series is still being felt. Today, they report that Low Cost Pharmacy has settled charges with the state pharmacy board for jeopardizing the private information of its customers.

The settlement requires additional training for all pharmacy staff to better protect customer privacy. Low Cost Pharmacy will receive a letter of reprimand from the Pharmacy Board and will pay a $250 fine to settle state charges that it improperly disposed of private patient information.

There was no explanation for why the fine was so low. WTHR reports:

Last year, the pharmacy offered to pay $1,000 to settle with the state, but the attorney general’s office refused that offer. Now, the state is getting just a fraction of that.

Other cases that arose from the series of reports, such as the one against Walgreens, are still outstanding and have as yet to be resolved.

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