IN: Personal Info Of More Than 8,700 Posted On State Site

The Social Security Numbers of more than 8,700 current and former state employees were inadvertently posted on a state Web site last week, officials said.

The information of 8,775 employees who had filed a worker’s compensation or disability claim between 2005 and 2008 was uploaded in a file to the Indiana Department of Administration’s procurement Web site, said agency spokeswoman Elizabeth Lerch.

The file was posted for about two hours on the morning of Jan. 20, but was immediately removed when the personal information was discovered, she said.

Technical engineers were able to determine that four parties accessed the file during that time, three of which have provided sworn affidavits to IDOA affirming that they have destroyed the information and that they did not print, copy or forward it before doing so, Lerch said.

The agency has subpoenaed an Internet service provider for the name of the fourth company that accessed the file and will seek a similar documentation that the file has since been destroyed, Lerch said.


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