IN: Student arrested in Chandigarh for online fraud

A 20-year-old student has been arrested on the charge of using credit cards of other people for online shopping, a police officer said here Friday.

The student of hotel management, Sahil Sharma, is the son of a senior Haryana government official. His mother is a leading architect here.

Sahil was arrested late Thursday evening after a joint operation was launched by the cyber crime investigation cell of Chandigarh and Karnataka police.

‘Sahil Sharma used credit card numbers of people staying in the US and the UK to make online purchases. He usually bought expensive mobile handsets,’ Deputy Superintendent of Police – K.I.P. Singh told IANS.


Sahil worked for an international call centre in 2006 where he used to sell mobile phones to international customers and note their credit card numbers for the company’s record.

From there he managed to get these credit card numbers for fraudulent use, Singh said.


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