IN: Telecom Company Being Investigated for Information Breach

An update on the TerraCom breach reported previously on this blog.

Brandon Smith reports:

The Attorney General’s office updated lawmakers Monday on a nearly five-month long investigation of telecommunications company TerraCom Incorporated.


Tolliver says a lot of the information the state has obtained has come from the media outlet that first uncovered the breach and not TerraCom. He says the company is taking what he calls a “cautious” approach to revealing any information.

Read more on Indiana Public Media.

I had previously commented that in my opinion, TerraCom was not responding effectively to the revelations by the Scripps Howard New Service. Now it seems that they are not cooperating as much as one would hope with the state’s investigation.  This will likely not end well for them.

It is not clear whether any other state attorneys general are also investigating this breach, but since Lifeline is a national program, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were. There have already been some calls in Congress for federal hearings or investigations.

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