Indian Stock market Website hacked, defaced and dataleaked by @DestructiveSec

content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-destructivesec-https-t-co-ysewefnc-lt.png @DestructiveSec has left the an Indian stock market website,  in a state of Lutz after it hacked it, obtained its data and leaked it online. The website was left defaced with the below message and [YouTube video.](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0"> content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-destructivesec-https-t-co-ysewefnc-lt.png In the defacement Sl1mmer, Charrie (tehWongz), lulzfunny take claim for the attack and give greets out to other known hackers: "@_f0rsaken – @lulzfunny – @__SPiNE – @C0RPS3_TP" and is also flagged with #antisec tag     In the data leaked contains heaps of figures and account information from people who used the sites services. at time of publish the attack had just been carried out and the site was still defaced. Leaked data comes in three parts: Mirror of the defacement on zone-h, here

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