Indiana Court of Appeals reinstates patient’s lawsuit against a hospital for breach by employee

There’s an update on a lawsuit filed in 2018 that I knew nothing about concerning a breach that occurred in 2017 that I knew nothing about.

It’s been one of those days.

Thankfully, reporting by Dave Stafford of the Indiana Lawyer showed up in my searches today:

A divided Indiana Court of Appeals has reinstated a patient’s claim that a hospital is vicariously liable for the actions of a medical assistant who accessed her medical records and then shared details with her husband after she noticed that the patient had “liked” a photo of her husband on Facebook.

Haley SoderVick sued Fort Wayne-based Parkview Health System Inc. after Parkview notified her in May 2018 of the disclosure of her protected health information.

Read more about the ruling in Haley SoderVick v. Parkview Health System, Inc., 19A-CT-2671 on Indiana Lawyer.


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