Indonesian Police Intensifying Efforts To Investigate ATM Scams

The Indonesian police are working closely with banks to protect customers and investigate this week’s reports of ATM break-in cases which may cause national banks to lose about Rp5 billion (RM1.8 million), Indonesia’s Antara news agency reported.

“The Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) of the National Police has sent telegrams to all regional police chief detectives throughout Indonesia to report ATM break-in cases,” Bareskrim Head Commissioner General Ito Sumardi said on Friday.

Sumardi said that the telegrams contained calls on all directors of Regional Police’s Criminal Investigation Department to file reports on any ATM hacking case in their respective region.

Previously some bank customers in Bali have reported that their money has been stolen by ATM hackers. They installed ATM skimming devices and spy cameras to steal information stored on the magnetic strip of customers’ ATM cards and duplicated them to rob customers accounts.

Customers who lodged their complaints among others belonged to Mandiri Bank, Bank Central Asia (BCA), BII, Bank Permata, BRI and Bank BNI.


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