Indonesians Framing Aussies, Aussies to Indonesia: We do not want War! Recent news about NSA and Australian government spying on the people of Indonesia has sparked outrage from Indonesians online. As a result i have already reported on the hundreds of innocent websites that have been attacked, the failed attempt to take down and but now it appears the Indonesian hackers and media are coming out making up story’s. Today Australian Anons have released another video to further explain to the Indonesians they do not want a cyber war. (see above). First story is that Australian hackers are "Scared" to retaliate which after speaking to the Australian "hackers" or more so anons from Australia it is all to clear that the reason they are not attacking Indonesia is due to the fact they do not want to start an internal problem for those who share the same view as them. Secondly they have been making false reports of Australians hacking into Indonesian websites which has not happened at all yet. In fact the attempt to frame Australians was so weak that just about anyone could tell you that the grammar and English within that particular release is nothing but fake and poorly translated therefor leaving open to only 1 thing, Indonesia’s are attempting to frame Australians. Few days before they had already tried to leak data from the world CIA fact book, indeed this was in SQL format but it was all public information displayed within the site to anyone who wishes to view it therefor leaving it a pretty failed attempt to leak stuff. Another funny thing is that a media marketing site has gone threw all the effort to make this video here which is totally false and a pure laugh to watch. It also appears that from monitoring social media there is only a few main players from Indonesia who are constantly inciting attacks on Australian government and pushing the #OpAustralia hash tag along with it. There is also bigger media sites from Indonesia reporting that a full on cyber war is going on now between the hackers, which of coarse is not true. Then there is this paste that claims a heap of attacks on sites, black berry accounts (surprised? i was), Facebook accounts and more. It also states they have "root" and shells uploaded to few government sites which in fact run on windows servers making the whole "root" part questionable and laughable.

We attack Australian because we hate indonesian spying from Australian. if you save airport database from indonesian, we can attack all website of australian. 765734 website has been Ownned by AnonId. 456225 Facebook Account has been Taken but not hacked by AnonId 51445 Twitter Account has been Taken but not Hacked by AnonId 55256 BlackBerry Account has we Claim by AnonId.

So far it appears also there is only a few players from Indonesia who are constantly tweeting and retweeting the incitements to attack. There has also been another paste from an Indonesian who has stated that the people behind the attacks "Most of them are just idiots, wanted to be known.". pastes: –

So end of the day the situation is this, Australian hackers have not yet and most likely will not ever hacker or attack Indonesians yet it appears that Indonesians are still pushing for a cyber war with the Australians and appears they have no limit to what they will do to try and make this happen. One note thou, last week anonymous AU managed to do this, beware: NFSW Transcript of video:

Citizens of the world, we are Anonymous Australia. In the following weeks there has been an outrage between two spectrums of Anonymous. Anonymous Indonesia and their supporters have been outraged by the spying on their citizens by the Australian Government in 2007. In response to this, Indonesian hackers had defaced more than 170 websites in an effort to send a message to the Australian government. In an effort, we, Anonymous Australia had to intervene in order for these websites to stop being attacked as they are not apart of the Australian government. Once Anonymous Indonesia listened, ASIS was taken offline for a few days through multiple Denial of Service attacks. However peace between Indonesia and Australian citizens wasn’t long lasted. One last final warning was given to Anonymous Indonesia to stop. We gave the ultimatum "We do not want a cyber war, do you?". While there has not been many attacks since, the Indonesian media and hackers have been trying to start a civil war between the two spectrums. Today, as Anonymous Australia, we are here today to deny any claim that says Australia has attacked Indonesia. We do not want to war. We only wish to join together and expose our governments, not harm each other. There has been a lot of propoganda and misleading lies that has been said by the Indonesian community. The news site ‘merdeka’ has been spreading lies towards the Anonymous community. Since there is no face to Anonymous, it is much more easier to blame them. Through the leaked Pastebin, it is evident that the English is not fluent – is that not evident enough? See to it that we do not wish to war. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us.

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