Indonesians Still Attacking Innocent Sites After Failing to Attack Government Sites

Earlier this week Indonesian hackers started attacking Australian based websites in retaliation to the Australian Gov and NSA spying on them. Since then there has been a lot of anger from the Australian public and a video from anonymous and it now appears the Indonesian hackers have changed tactics and are now attacking government based websites, but that seems short lived so far. The hackers had created a event which when last checked had 1200+ people listed as "Attending" and the attacks so far have only managed to take down the website for just a few short minutes but they have left the Australian Secret Intelligence Services website ( offline pretty much all day from mass dos attacks. oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-asis-gov-au Now to make things worse it appears they have no resorted to returning attacking innocent websites after they have been failing to gain any access at all to a lot of Australian government websites let alone being able to keep any high profile or actual web service with reasonable downtime. Twitter user @Brillian_Ardy has claimed the following And another twitter user has been back to defacing random sites. yukimezamereveliez-reveliez-on-twitter Screen shot of the failed global ping which came back online half way threw the test. ca-apm-cloud-monitor-website-monitoring-service-ping-ipv6-now-supported-give-it-a-shot   So in light of all this it appears Anonymous Australia is now getting pissed of and has put out the final warning for them to stop attacking innocent websites. only time will now tell with what happens.

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