Infidelity dating site Ashley Madison still gets thousands of new users every day — here’s why

Lindsay Dodgson reports:

If you sign up to Ashley Madison, you don’t have to think about what you’re doing as cheating, but “outsourcing your sex life.”

“In 2018 we expect our life partners are going to be everything to us — they’ve got to be my best friend, they’ve got to be sexually compatible, they have to be great at coparenting,” Ruben Buell, Ashley Madison’s president and chief technology officer, told Business Insider.

“We have to have the same vision of finances, we have to have the same hobbies, the same interests… There’s so much pressure on that one relationship, everything has to be right.

“And sometimes, the vast majority of it is right, but maybe there’s something that’s not.”

This is one of the reasons Ashley Madison currently sees 20,000 new sign ups a day, and over 40,000 affairs happen on the site every day.

Even after the data leak back in 2015, people came back to Ashley Madison.

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