Information on 154 million voters exposed in the cloud – again. (Updated)

MacKeeper Security Researcher Chris Vickery has found yet another misconfigured database with U.S. voter information and profiles. This one has 154 million records.

See my report about it over on the Daily Dot.

One day maybe our government or state attorneys general will start actually enforcing some data security on those who create these massive databases.  Great respect and thanks to Chris for his persistent efforts to uncover these leaky databases and notify those responsible so that they are secured.

Update: Chris has now posted more details about this incident, including the IP address where he had found the database. See his post here, and if you have more information about the incident that you can share, contact Chris or

As I commented on Twitter yesterday, all these leaks seem to be from GOP or Conservative entities. Take a look at this screenshot also provided. Unlike the previous screenshot he provided that is posted in the Daily Dot article, this one also asks about views on gay marriage and whether the individual is pro-life, again suggesting a Conservative or Christian right-wing organization.

Courtesy Chris Vickery/Kromtech Security Research Center
Courtesy Chris Vickery/Kromtech Security Research Center

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