Inside Forkbombo, the dreaded Kenyan cybercrime gang

Brian Wasuna reports:

When financial institutions in Kenya started recording increased cyber-attacks in 2010, it was believed the country’s detectives would easily stamp out the crime.

Back then, most cybercrime incidents involved hackers stealing small amounts of money that were near impossible to detect, before graduating to big money heists, in a what is known as salami attacks.

But soon, corporates started feeling the heat, with several individuals now running such schemes and siphoning alarming amounts of money from banks and other institutions.

Among the cybercrime detectives tasked to break the hacking cartels was Calvin Otieno Ogalo.

Mr Ogalo was so good at his job that by 2012, he had tracked down the most talented hackers in the country who had successfully executed salami attacks on institutions thought to have the best cyber-security systems.

But instead of arresting the crooks, Mr Ogalo allegedly united the hackers into the biggest and arguably the most feared cybercrime gang in East and Central Africa.

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