Insider Data Theft Court Cases Climb 25%

Phil Muncaster reports:

The number of High Court cases in which sensitive corporate data has been stolen by employees has increased by 25% in a year, according to a London law firm.

EMW senior solicitor, Felix Dodd, claimed that an increase in staff turnover could be the cause of the rise, from 40 cases in 2015 to 50 last year.

In other words, malicious insiders are deliberately taking customer databases, sensitive financial information and the like with them to help with their new roles.

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Well, that could be the explanation, or part of it. Then again, it could just be that companies are no longer as hesitant to let it be known that they were the victim of data theft.

Or maybe companies are just getting better at detecting when they’ve had insider breaches.

Or maybe law firms in the U.K. are just doing a better job of advertising for clients.

I don’t think we can say with any confidence why court cases are up. The real question, I think, is whether insider breaches are up or whether we are just more likely to find out about them these days.

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  1. ECA - November 21, 2017

    And nothing about the turn over rate of employees??
    NOT being able to HOLD ONTO ADMIN’s and SYSOP’S??
    TRYING to hire the lowest paid employees??

    Its a way to bury and Blame others.. Keep rotating the Employees, so they cant FIND who is responsible..

    An Admin that suggests updates and more security TENDS to get fired, Quickly…ASK the USA gov. we have fired 5-6 in the last 16 years..
    Anyone that has abit of knowledge can augment the system…as long as they Keep the same system.

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