Insight into the Data Leak

Yesterday, we got word from @SwaggSec that they had hacked and leaked a huge amount of information from a well known electronic manufacturer that works with many big names. Since then the first torrent was removed and now re-uploaded to The pirate bay. We have had a chance to go over this information. While going over this information we discovered that foxconn was storing users passwords and information in clear text. as well as listing sales and clients payment information. This is yet another bit of proof that the companies that so many think are all high and mighty are not so at all. Some of the files contents are listed as below. Global Sales managers list and contact details Analysis file that contains usernames, ips, ids, dates (dates go back to 2003) Full list of email users with full details. Full list of clients that have purchased stuff from foxconn and this includes Microsoft, APPLE COMPUTER INC., IBM ,ARMADALE HOLDING LTD,ABOVE BOARD ELECTRONICS,Q-Run Technology Corporation, WENDELL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD., TLANTICA BUSINESS AND LOGISTICS S. So as we can see there is some of the biggest names in the computer industry that have been tied up in this leak. No doubt the information in this can and will lead to other breaches down the track if it hasn’t already. We have also noticed that this is not the first time they have been attacked considering we found 3 different subdomains had been defaced in mid 2011. So our word to anyone who used the foxconn site and is worried about there information being exposed is that you now need to contact them and make a complaint about the storage of clear text information. as seen in the recent Stratfor hacks clients have the power to make the big companies obey these rules and encrypt information.

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