Insights From The IBM 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report

Joseph J. Lazzarotti of JacksonLewis writes:

The annual Cost of a Data Breach Report (Report) published by IBM is reliably full of helpful cybersecurity data. This year is no different. After reviewing the Report, we pulled out some interesting data points:

Is it beneficial to involve law enforcement in a ransomware attack? According to the Report, organizations that did not involve law enforcement in a ransomware attack experienced significantly higher costs, as much as $470,000. Nearly 40% of respondents did not involve law enforcement.


AI has many benefits, including controlling data breach costs. There are two significant drivers of data breach costs – time to detect and time to contain. Shortening one or both of these can yield substantial costs savings when dealing with a data breach. According to the Report, the extensive use of security AI and automation resulted in reducing breach detection and containment by 108 days on average, and nearly $2 million in cost reduction. Even limited use of AI shortened the response time by 88 days, on average.

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