Sep 182011

Michael Isikoff reports:

The names and email addresses of hundreds of U.S. intelligence officials — including some senior officials in the Obama Administration — have been posted on an anti-secrecy website after computer hackers allegedly swiped them from the internal membership list of a prestigious national security organization.

The apparent cyberattack on the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, or INSA, is the latest example of the ability of hackers to penetrate the computer systems of government agencies and private companies — including those that pride themselves on their savvy and expertise in cybersecurity.


The list of INSA members includes at least 95 individuals with email addresses from the supersecret National Security Agency, as well as scores of others in key positions at the White House, the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, the Office of Director of National Intelligence and the State Department….. The list also includes the names, emails — and in some cases the work addresses and telephone numbers — of hundreds of top executives at major government contracting firms that specialize in national security work, such as Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, SAIC and CACI. Some members, whose affiliations were not provided, had their home addresses and phone numbers listed.

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