Interactive Data Hacked, Data Leaked by @TeamBerserk

trust_image A hacker with the handle @GuttsArc from the collective @TeamBerserk has announced a breach and leak on Interactive Data (

Interactive Data delivers a comprehensive set of products and services designed to meet the needs of the front, middle and back offices at some of the largest and most well-known institutions around the world.

The leak has been announced from the official TeamBerserk twitter accounts and posted to in the common release format used by the collective. > @sec_news how can you rely on @interactivedata for Financial Advisories when they are so insecure: #TeamBerserk — TeamBerserk (@TeamBerserk) May 28, 2013

@cyber_war_news @interactivedata @sec_news #hacked by #TeamBerserk… #rooted #FTP dumped #emails dumped — TeamBerserk (@TeamBerserk) May 28, 2013

The paste contains server and breach information from scans and tests on the sites system as well as 26 user accounts and 6 public user accounts most of which are made of up staff from interactive data. The credentials leaked contain first names, user names, email addresses, administrator position status, encrypted passwords and other server based information. This is the second leak of data from a security based company by this team in as many days which is starting to show that everything, no matter who the site is and what they focus on is at risk of being breached as it only takes 1 insecure entry point for hackers to gain access and start playing around. ITs not the first time this company has been breached either with a paste from 2012 which appears to of leaked one of its source codes for the "Market Q project" in which the data is still online at wikisend.

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