Interactive Map of Breach-Notification Laws in the EU

Interactive Map of Breach-Notification Status

European member states are in the process of adopting laws and regulations that require businesses operating in their countries to notify government agencies and affected individuals when they experience breaches of personal data. Even as the EU Directive on Data Protection is being reviewed and might be replaced by a regulation, data breach notification laws, when adopted, will already apply in each Member State, mostly to telecommunications companies and Internet service providers.  They are also expected to continue to evolve in how they are practically implemented before any Data Protection Regulation comes into force, which could ultimately mean that any entity processing personal data would be bound to data breach notification obligations. For many European companies, this will be a new experience fraught with challenges. American companies, in spite of their long experience with breach notification, will face new constraints and trigger points that will create a need for updating operational procedures and training EMEA staff.

See the map on Data Breaches Map. Rolling your cursor over a country’s name reveals the status of its laws.

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