Interim Report on the Blackbaud Breach: 3.4 Million Patients and Counting

The Blackbaud ransomware incident disclosed on July 16 will likely end up being the largest or one of the largest breaches of the year involving patient information.

I’ve been reading disclosures from dozens of entities and have compiled a list of those Blackbaud clients whose disclosures state or suggest that Blackbaud had been storing some patient-related information as part of their files with them.

Of the 38 disclosures that I read that specifically mentioned or suggested patients being potentially affected by the breach, 14 of them have reported numbers to the government by now.  I expect that we will see many more disclosures in the weeks and months to come, but for now,  you can find my list included in a short article, below.  We’re at 3.4 million and counting….


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