Internap Loses Customer Data, Shrugs, Doesn’t Apologize

raindog308 writes:

Internap was the victim of a ransomware attack and responded today by announcing they were simply quitting a variety of businesses.

On Wednesday, September 28th, between the hours of 2:11 am CDT and 5:41 am CDT, INAP was the target of a ransomware attack that affected the services we provide to you.

Unfortunately, your services are not recoverable because of this attack.

Additionally, multitenant website, database, and email hosting services will no longer be available following this event.

Our recommended path forward is to re-create any affected services on a bare metal server and to upload your data from your local copies if available.

Read more about the situation and Internap’s incident response at lowendbox.

Update: The announcement appears to have been removed from Internap’s site but was archived on, here.

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