Interview: @DeadMellox , hacker who breached Chinese government

Few days ago, as most know by now @DeadMellox  of TeamGhostShell had dropped a huge amount of accounts and information from many Chinese websites, mainly government based. Last night we got the chance to interview them with the responses being very in depth. Some notable parts are

"This didn’t stop my dad from making fun of me though lol. "Remember son, you can’t take your xbox to jail", "When you get there, don’t go for the soap in the bathroom, it’s a TRAP!"" "Anonymous has only whiteasshats and gayhats. I’m neither. "

CWN – How long have you been hacking for? I started on the first day of this year. I’m a self taught hacker so it took me a couple of weeks to learn the basics. (While in the meantime I got better at dox’ing) In that short amount of time I did some hacktivism and worked with Anonymous under different persona’s. I had the chance to meet tons of people, it helped me gain a lot of experience in this game, so I want to thank them for that. What happened since then up until now? So much, in so many places, but I can’t really say anything about it. CWN – What was it that lead you to the hacking scene? My government. They fucked me over right before my last 2 exams in high school. They changed some laws with just 3 months notice and that made people flunk by the masses. I was supposed to go overseas to study but I had to forget it and follow some random college here to become a medic until I passed those exams. It was fine for about a year, I studied hard, did some internship in multiple hospitals and had 2 years left until I would finish, but I dropped out. (It made me thrown up just thinking that this wasn’t the career i wanted to take) After one year passed, I realized that I didn’t had the time to study for those exams anymore. So, I said, fuck it. Time for a break to think things over. I’m currently studying for those two classes, but it’s 4 years of work that i have to re-study. The stuff we learn here, most people in other countries do this in their final year at uni, I’ve asked around. So much bullshit, I swear, especially when I see idiots that can’t even tie two sentences together in their own language, driving expensive cars and partying 24/7. Don’t even get me started on politicians. CWN – Is your family aware of what has been happening in your cyber life? Yes and No. I’m pretty open with my parents so I mentioned to them hacking site’s from time to time but I don’t think they believe me or they don’t know it’s that big of a deal. This didn’t stop my dad from making fun of me though lol. "Remember son, you can’t take your xbox to jail", "When you get there, don’t go for the soap in the bathroom, it’s a TRAP!". They’re idiots, but I love them nonetheless. CWN – What age bracket do you fall in? below 20, between 20-30 or above 30? 20 years old. 21 in August. CWN – What was the intention of the hacking you have been involved with? I started out with my own country’s government as payback, then things sorta drifted off to other places. CWN – So out of all the attacks you have carried out what are the most memorable ones? Funny story, when I started this, I thought that to be a "cool hacker" you had to breach NASA at least once, so I did that. Well, one of their subdomains. It was a bit tricky because NASA has no information schema, so you can’t ask their server/s for the names, but, you can do something better. You can spoof the network and catch the words that were used lately. Those are called "strings" because they lead you right back to their databases. It’s a very annoying process and it took me like 2 hours just for that but it was worth it. Other places that stick into my mind right now are Skylab/s, got access to random EU official servers, like directly from the browser, admin/password and got their bases from the outside, one of IBM’s search servers for bank accounts, and a whole of other stuff, BBC (their news domain), a russian military site, still not sure up to this day what I found in there, but plenty of data, those people are fucking crazy – war crazy. Banks, airports, pissed off a cartel in South America. Threatened to publish some of their people’s names. Kept bragging how I was going to make Facebook accounts with their names and pictures and post how they’re planning on going to Disneyland together. One of them found me in a chat one day and told me that if I do something stupid he’s going to make me another smile right under the first one. Aaah, good times. I’d say more, but you probably won’t believe me. CWN – Do you ever feel sorry/remorse for any of the targets that have been hacked? No. CWN – What about the public and innocent people that get caught up in the the breaches? Again no. I may be a blackhat right now, but I’ve never stolen a penny in my life from any of the accounts I’ve hacked, in fact last year I busted my ass off and worked for someone’s server for a couple of months non-stop, white-nights. Did for him work of tens of thousands of dollars, paid me like a grand (lol, cheap bastard), and after I finished the work, he fired me. I’m surprised up to this day why I never just made some off-shore accounts and wired some of the money from the banks i’ve hacked. I should be chillin’ right now in Costa Rica with 5 bitches. Oh & the so called "sensitive information" that I’ve posted isn’t all that hardcore anyway. Names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.? Seriously? That’s sensitive? I might as well get a phone book and start copy/pasting if that’s what gets people hard. When I post things like these, I do it to make a statement, that I’ve been in that specific place and that I had access to everything. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m constantly challenging myself to get better. CWN – What was the Big motive that got you going for Chinese targets for the recent big release? I’m friends with AnonymousChina and the guy that started the whole thing (he got arrested recently, so you won’t be seeing anyone tweeting on that account anymore). I used to hang out with them, then Echelon came one day to me with the Chinese Uni. After that, I started to get more interested in the place, so I thought I’d do some research on it. When I saw how fucked up China truly is, I made a call. I knew I was already wanted in the west, so I decided to move my attacks over to Asia. And what better place, than China. The whole image on how they put in jail everyone that tries to go against the Communist Party, made me sick. So much for free speech. Their cyberpolice is so pathetic as well so this whole war should be a piece of cake considering how most of their security is from the 90’s. I might write a paper on it in the near future, describing their usual security, their flaws, the differences between them and other countries, how you can prepare more if you plan on breaching their servers and so on. I started out this war without knowing anything, now I’ve gathered quite a bit of intel on them. It wouldn’t hurt to share some of the knowledge. CWN – Not long, as stated in your release, a team member was detained by police, have you had any word on his status? I’m constantly looking into it, but it’s hard because everyone I know he was related to has been arrested as well, so it’s really hard to find out anything. He’s most likely still in court. CWN – Do you consider your self an "anon" or "Anonymous"? Right now, none. From what I know, Anonymous has only whiteasshats and gayhats. I’m neither. But I am present within the collective whenever there’s nothing good on tv. CWN – Do you have a message for all the followers that are interested in your hacks? Yeah, come join the party. This summer’s cyberwar will be fought in Asia. I’ve noticed people on twitter taking an interest in this so who knows, it might get bigger than expected. CWN – Do you have any plans for upcoming attacks/releases? LOL. Yes. CWN – Do you mind if i publish the raw questions/answers? Nah, go ahead. Bitches like it raw.

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