Interview: UGNAZI Member @le4ky

Today we got in touch with UGNAZI member @le4ky due to a message that was posted on the main UG twitter account which led the public to start thinking that they was going to be handing themselves over to police for the recent attacks that have happened, but the tweet has now since been removed but you can see a bunch of other tweets that state they are at an end. As part of this interview we have now found out they are not just handing themselves in, but rather not hiding like they was before, but they will also be no longer but like they was before. So here it is, the raw interview with @le4ky (cwn is us, ans is le4kys answer.) CWN – what was it that lead you to the hacking scene? Ans – I have been silently hacking for a few years now, but this censorship issue clearly made me unrest-full, that made me come up and act against the government, not only of US but around the world who supported censorship! CWN – Is your family aware of what has been happening in your cyber life over the past months? Ans – No, My family is totally unaware of what I am doing in my cyber-life. I certainly know that the thing I am doing is illegal so i cant share that with my family! CWN – What was the intention of the hacking you have been involved with? Ans – At first the primary task was to "DoX" people supporting censorship, but slowly we turned our attention to big companies that were, in a way supporting the root causes of censorship.We wanted to know them that "We" were watching them! CWN – So out of all the attacks you have carried out what are the most memorable ones? Ans – My most memorable one was to hack the comcast one, which is considered the top-most provider of internet connection in US. The comcast hack and WHMCS breach led the FBI to follow us! CWN – Do you ever feel sorry for any of the targets that have been hacked? Ans – No, we were not just randomly hacking websites for fun, there was a cause for every single hack! CWN – Anyway we can confirm which UG members have already faced the courts/police for the actions they have been involved with? Ans – Yeah, actually Josh (@JoshTheGod) had already received a search warrant before and then after WHMCS and Comcast hacks, our all domains were seized and till now is redirecting to FBI’s website! Josh once posted the pic of the search warrant on his twitter account! CWN – on the UG twitter account it states that the remaining members will be turning them selves in, is this true? Ans – Turning in doesn’t mean, we will walk over to the feds, it means we will not hide any more because our team members have decided to stop with our hacks because we havent heard anything for josh yet after the WHMCS hack, where the owner Lodged a complain with the FBI! Evidence – CWN – how come the UG members have made the choice to turn themselves in? ans – as I already stated above, we are not giving us to the feds "yet". On the other hand we have decided to opt out of public scene for our own safety!

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