Interview: Insight into @anon_4freedom motives and attacks

Recently @anon_4freedom or otherwise known as SEPO has come back into public light with releasing minor data from exploited websites. When we first started out, they use to be one of the more common hackers we followed and the reason for that is they do not leak huge amounts of information that effects innocent people. Recently they have returned and so has their minor leaks from exploited websites. Some of the recent websites that have been getting attacked are fairly high profile within the country they reside in and online as well. One of the more recent attacks was a spree of petroluem/natural gas based companys ,Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Ebay nepal, Holy Family University and a few high profile targets for an Anonymous operation that has been dubbed #opitaly. When @anon_4freedom(sepo) does most of the dumps, in general they only leave enough information public to see that the servers have indeed been breached, but not enough for just anyone to gain access or use any malicious information. Today we had the chance to ask them a few questions regarding their history and the attacks and targets they have chosen recently. Interview: Q: How long have you been using computers for? A: I’m using computer for last 13 year’s. I started with a Pentium I. There was installed a few little games, but the most of time a was learning programming. I started to learn Pascal/Delphi and Assembler. After a year I started to learn C/C++ and I love this language. My first malware was written on C++. Also I started to learn HTML. After a few year’s I bought a new Pentium III. I started to learn PHP/MySQL, javascript. Started to exploit sql injection’s and XSS/LFI. Now I have a few server’s that are mine and a lot of dedicated servers. Q: What was the interest in website/server exploration? A: I always was interested in how secure are big web portals, company’s websites. How to hack an email… A few years ago I found an sqli in an online store, I found myself exploiting it . There was a huge list of credit cards. A I found a lot of emails with sensitive data (docs, photo’s, fails, audio/video). I love hacking and nobody can stop me at the moment. Q: which is most suit to you black/grey/white hat? A: I prefer to be a grey hat. I can hack a website and destroy it, but also I can contact the admin and give him a report about vuln’s on his site. After I hack a website a expose some server data and some database info for PoC. In rare times I can expose some personal data. Q: Do you ever feel sorry for innocent bystanders from cyber attacks? A: I never feel sorry. If you are a hacker victim, ask your self about how strong was the email password or ask the site admin, why he is so stupid and lazy. Q: What age group are you within below 20, 20-30, 30+? A: I’m 24 year’s old. Q: is your family friends aware of what you do online? A: I don’t tell my family about my online life. I have just a few friends who know’s what I can do. Q: The targets you have been going for recently seem to be fairly random besides the petroleum targets. is there any particular reason for all these recent attacks? A: In January I started with some African stock exchange market (Ghana, Botswana etc.) Then I thought it will be good to check bank secure systems. The result – a lot of Ghana bank’s hacked and data leaked. After this I started to hack bank sites from all over the world. Also last year I was looking how LulzSec is targeting it’s the SONY website’s and the fed’s. Anonymous and LulzSec inspired me to do what I do. Simple hack’s are not so interested like bank’s or big company’s. Why? It’s simple to find vuln’s but it’s not so simple to exploit this vulns. Q: We have noticed a hike a in #opitaly tagged attacks, is there any further information what this op is about? A: At the moment there are just a few hack’s and a few more will be exposed soon. I don’t think that it will result a big attack. I’m a single hacker and it’s they hard for me to keep all this attack’s. But, after some hack’s we’ll see pluses and minuses of this attack’s and maybe Anonymous Italy will help me. Q: Do you have any plans for big targets or attacks coming up? A: Yes, there some targets, but this is a surprise. How I told earlier, I’m a single hacker and I need much more time for one attack. But this hack’s will be a very good lesson for big company’s, FED’s, government and all those who wanna censore us. P.S. The only message to them – We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. You Should Expect Us!

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