Interview with Mallox ransomware group

Over on SuspectFile, Marco A. De Felice has a write-up of an interview with Mallox. Unlike some interviews where spokespeople brag or make claims or pose a bit, Mallox’s spokesperson comes across as a serious individual who is part of a closed group that has worked together for the past few years without the drama that we have seen with other groups.

Thankfully (from this blogger’s perspective), Mallox does not seem to target the healthcare sector or schools — their targets are mainly in the commercial sector.

For the most part, Mallox seems to have avoided a lot of media coverage, which is just fine with them, it seems. Based on their replies to Marco, we should probably not expect to see a lot of victims posted on Mallox’s leak site — they seem to be more selective about who gets posted there.

Read the interview at SuspectFile.

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