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Today we got the chance to have a one on one interview with a long standing member of Net-bashers, a hacker group who hacks for shits and giggles and is on a mission to pissoff any admin with in secure websites Recently we have been covering them from everything from defacement’s to JFK and osama leaks, Now this was a very interesting interview you find a lot out about NetBashers and why they do what they do, and after spending some time with them, they are nice down to earth people just like most others on this planet.   Here is the interview we did with C0RPS3. Names changed to make it easyer to read, enjoy. CYBER WAR NEWS How did net-bashers startNet-Bashers Net-Bashers started back in the day as just a project on a website called xat, between me and a few friends; it gradually grew but I had other things to deal with. But a year after, a team between me and the other leader at that older time started. then those two leaders went white hat for the current time. I decided to bring back Net-Bashers. It all started to see what we could do, between War-Lord and I. War-Lord bought the domainNet-Bashers Only two of the original members are in NB currently, myself and R3APH3R.CYBER WAR NEWS How many are there in the group now?Net-Bashers There are twelve now, would you like a list of the members?CYBER WAR NEWS YeahNet-Bashers Myself(C0RPS3),War-Lord,MLT, CYANID3, Omnicode ,MR.Boter, nCODE, R3APH3R, rayZor_, namelesS, chrismc1, SixAxisCYBER WAR NEWS do you consider your self a “black hat” group**Net-Bashers And we consider ourselves as nothing, quite literally; we have no relation to Anonymous; or any other hack groups. We prefer to be honest, TP’s(teamp0isons) work to most. We have a member of teamp0ison in our team as well. MLT. We simply consider ourselves an all around group, just something we do for a hobby, and something we love to do in this hobby. We piss in every admins cheerios we can. We don’t go strictly for highers. Though it **Net-Bashers Just anything that we can, it’s our love and work. Something we plan doing till one of three things happen. We are busted, dead, or have authorities and can’t do anything anymore.CYBER WAR NEWS So it would be for the laughs then?Net-Bashers Indeed, we just enjoy anything really. Could be to teach a lesson. (Some of our upcoming releases. hint hint.) Or just to laugh in their face with a message saying your security is completely useless.CYBER WAR NEWS does it effect your daily life, like stress, extra time on pc etc…Net-Bashers Not at all.**CYBER WAR NEWS does the fear of arrest get you at all? **Net-Bashers Never at all man, every hacker honestly have their times.CYBER WAR NEWS Would you ever consider turning “white hat”Net-Bashers Hell no, never in my life.CYBER WAR NEWS What would you like to tell everyone?Net-Bashers  would enjoy telling everyone, we have no motives at all other then shits and giggles. Rephrase that if you must to a laugh, that no-one is truly safe in the long run as long as people like us are around, no data is secure; only those who understand what we are capable of, and what is happening behind the scenes all these exploits, and ways we do what we do; there is no such thing as security to those who do not understand that.Net-Bashers  Admins will be retarded at all times thinking we will not bother with them, our over 30 defacement’s in three days I believe is proof enough. Our newest attacks will soon show what happens even to "coder" sites, and "hacker" sites. Things we have seen all before, something that happens several times but the owner of these sites have no clue how to secure it. Once again, understand us; then you will realise.Net-Bashers  To the government, we are not bad guys, you publish us as them just because we do something and see things you see, but we do things you cannot do. You all sit at a computer and rely on things that we do not.

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