Interview with @XTnR3v0LT from xl3gi0n

Below is just a raw interview with @XTnR3v0LT from xLegion hackers. Over the past few days they have been carrying out an operation dubbed Opleak which at time of publishing had resulted in 49 websites having data leaked. Q: What was it that lead you to the hacking scene? A: i just want to prove to all those who think that they are a great administrator that they need more security **Q: **Is your family aware of what has been happening in your cyber life? A: They even don’t know that i am a hacker Q: What age bracket do you fall in? below 20, between 20-30 or above 30? A: Not important my age because we must take person via their mind not their age Q: So out of all the attacks you have carried out what are the most memorable ones? A: The asian bankers website because i read an article that they have a great security but i see that they need more security. Q: Do you ever feel sorry/remorse for any of the targets that have been hacked? A: No because this will help them today i just leak but other will use the database for somethings else for example i am realising now a data of an e-bank and i get over than 6000 credit cards but ill not publish them but i guess other hacker if they got the data they will use the money for their personal things Q: What about the public and innocent people that get caught up in the the breaches? A: As i say before i will not leak any data that can hurt any person **Q: **Do you consider yourself an "anon" or "Anonymous"? A: I am an xl3gi0n and proud of that but you can say we are a part of "anonymous" Q: We are aware that you are apart of xl3gi0n hackers, What is this group and its main goals? A: We are here to support freedom of speech help people not more and not less also i have a special message for those who think that we are criminal because we do this i hope they thing again and see the same as we see today i just leak some administrative data so they know that they are not safe and they will reborn their data with a security level better than the past this is a lesson for you to make you grow up with your security level **Q: **Do you have a message for all the followers that are interested in your hacks? **A: **yes to the followers that are interested in my hacks please don’t use the data for bad things. think well before doing anything and thank you for your support Full results for OpLeak

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