Investigative report by Brian Krebs leads to more questions for Experian from Senator Rockfeller

At least one member of Congress is paying attention. Senator Jay Rockefeller has written to Experian, requesting more details on security issues first reported by Brian Krebs. Brian has more on the latest developments here.

I suspect that Senator Rockefeller is not aware of the FTC complaint I filed about Experian data breaches last year.  The FTC still will not comment about what might be a “nonpublic inquiry,” but maybe it’s time Senator Rockefeller added some questions for Experian based on that complaint.  He should also expand his questions to LexisNexis, who declined to explain to this blog how an employee at Sprechman & Associates was able to download 26,000 people’s information from their database for a tax refund fraud scheme before they detected a problem and cut off his access.

Hell yes, we need more transparency.

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