Investor losses legal battle against Bithumb for 2017 data breach incident

Felipe Erazo reports a follow-up on one of Bithumb’s breaches. Previous coverage of their breaches can be found on, linked from here. This particular update concerns events in 2017, which led to a government investigation and then fines, apart from the civil suit involved in this report. There was also an indictment of Bithumb in 2019 related to 2017 events, but the firm claimed that the leak in 2017 was unrelated to a later hack that year.

According to news agency Yonhap, Bithumb will not have to repay a crypto investor who allegedly lost $401,000 as a result of a 2017 data breach suffered by the firm.

A High Court judge determined that the man (identified as “Mr. A” for privacy purposes) had failed to successfully prove that his data was compromised during the incident. As a result, the exchange will not be held liable for Mr. A’s lost funds.

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