May 222009

Jeff Drummon of HIPAA blog points to an Iowa case decided this month: John Doe v. Central Iowa Health System d/b/a Iowa Health Des Moines d/b/a Iowa Methodist Medical Center and d/b/a Iowa Lutheran Hospital (pdf). In this case, although the plaintiff seemingly convinced the jury that his records had been improperly disclosed, he didn’t demonstrate actual harm, providing no expert testimony on the impact of the breach on his health and well-being, etc.

  2 Responses to “Iowa Court: proof of disclosure not sufficient to support damages”

  1. This is civil case, the violation sting for IHS will be when the IA AG gets ahold of it & Feds…I wonder the amount of Violations & associated Penalties.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steven. Do you really think that the IA AG will do anything with this? Or HHS?

    I wish that there was more enforcement and penalties so that the word would get out and hopefully deter some of these violations.

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