Iran blames Israel for Fars News Agency hack

The Jewish News Syndicate reports:

Iran has blamed foreign countries, including Israel, for a cyber attack on its semi-official Fars News Agency, which is affiliated with the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, AFP reported on Saturday.

Fars said in a statement posted to Telegram that its website was disrupted on Friday by a “complex hacking and cyberattack operation, and that “removing possible bugs… may cause problems for some agency services for a few days,” according to the report.

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The group “Black Reward,” who has attacked Iran before, claimed responsibility for this attack.  Read more on for more about the group’s claims — claims which Fars denies.

Black Reward is not the only group engaging in attack son Iran. Another group that  formerly appeared to be commercially motivated hackers, “Arvin Club,” more recently turned to hacktivist activities and uses their Telegram channel to post political messages, videos, and information about their hacktivist attacks.  SuspectFile’s Marco A. De Felice recently interviewed them.

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