Iranian hackers leak info of over 300,000 Israelis from tourism sites

There’s more emerging about the Sharp Boys’ group attack on Israeli tourism sites. The Jerusalem Post now reports:

The personal information of over 300,000 Israelis was leaked last month by an Iranian hacker group targeting Israeli travel booking sites.

The group, named Sharp Boys, claimed last month that it had obtained data from Israeli tourism sites, including ID numbers, addresses, credit card information and more.

Read more at Jerusalem Post. There seems to be a lot of dispute about the reaction of the website owner to a demand that he upgrade security. But whatever happened, inspectors from the Privacy Protection Authority got a court order and then reportedly seized the operator’s servers. The website operator appears to be the owner of Gol Tours.

But what is going on anyway? It’s not clear that there is any financial motive driving the attackers, so is this nationalist hacktivism?

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