Iran’s Rail Service Allegedly Hacked With Fake Delay Messages Urging Users To Call Khamenei

Aanchal Nigam reports:

Iran’s railroad service became a victim of a cyberattack on July 9 with hackers posting fake delay messages or cancellations on display boards at stations across the country. A semi-official news agency in Iran reported that the hackers had sent messages such as “long delayed because of cyberattack” or “cancelled” on the boards. Further, they also urged the passengers to call for information on a number that belonged to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Fars news agency also stated in the report that the hack led to “unprecedented chaos” at the railway stations.

Read more on Republic World. Note that a number of news outlets reported the alleged incident, and yet then we see this on Arab News:

 Iran’s national railway company on Saturday denied having been hit by a cyberattack following reports of disruptions at train stations across the country, local media reported.


Sadegh Sekri, a spokesman for Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, told ISNA news agency on Saturday that “there has been no disruption or cyberattack for passenger, cargo or intercity trains.”

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