IRS Workers Busted for ID Theft, Filing Bogus Returns

Ken Berry, J.D. writes:

Who can you trust with sensitive personal information like your Social Security number (SSN) and tax return data? Evidently, not even the people who used to work at the IRS. In a new case, a former IRS employee was sentenced on August 26 to two years in prison in connection with an ID theft scheme. His crime? He used personal information stolen from taxpayers to file fraudulent returns and pocket the refund money.

Kenneth Goheen, who worked for the IRS as a Tax Examining Technician in Texas, has admitted to illegally obtaining Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) from victims. He used the TINs to file more than 50 fraudulent tax returns from 2013 to 2015 and received refunds of over $120,000 from those fraudulent returns.

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