Is JCPenney Giving Your Personal Info To Strangers?

Chris Morgan of The Consumerist relays this report by a concerned J C Penney customer:

My wife was contacted by a complete stranger who was able to track her down because while she was shopping on JCPenney’s site, my wife’s information appeared in place of hers in her cart (including address, etc…). People are having items appear in their cart and having items ordered that they did not order, etc.. Because basically, JCPenney is having MAJOR trouble with people’s accounts, getting them mixed up, etc…

We’ve all tried calling customer service and we’ve all been told (by customer service managers) that “Yeah, there’s a problem and we’re looking into it.” That was days ago. They’re still showing people’s information to strangers, and that seems like negligence to me – especially since some people are being charged for things they didn’t buy, etc.

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