ISP Distributel owned website, taken offline by xL3gi0nhackers

A facebook based hacker group has claim to take down a website that is very similar to that of the well known website, cia.GOV. xL3gi0nhackers have made a post that claims they have RM’d the server for www.cia.COM, note the dot com, this a appears to be a website owned by candain based ISP Distributel. AT time of publishing the site was returning a 503, "Service Temporarily Unavailable" but the main website was still accessible.

‎#Tango down Hacked by XL3gi0n ———————– Watch out government here we come ! We unite as one but fight as many ! ———————– Method : RMD ! In Term’s FUCKING PAWNED ~ Won’t be back up for a while 😉 ======================= Come like our group here

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