Israel Audio & Music Technology Magazine Hacked, thousands of accounts leaked for #Opisrael

ugnaziii Opisrael is still going and a recent attack which has just been announced is on the Israel Audio and Music Technology magazine and has been carried out by #UGNazi hacker @OsamaTheGod. OsamaTheGod announced the leak via twitter and it was posted to > #Hacked #UGNazi,Phones,Addresses,Passwords… #OpIsrael — MrOsama (@OsamaTheGod) December 17, 2012

The leak contains just over 10,000 emails all together but is broken up into a few sections with the first part being users that contain ID, user name and clear text passwords. The second section is IP, phones and emails with ID’s and the third part is complete personal information such as address and other contacts. UGNazi has also posted on the forums stating that they have been hacked. Data is being processed by at time of publishing.

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