Israel to Treat Hackers Like Terrorist

content/images/gallery/random2/il.gif In recent days there has been huge media hype, lots of anger, many articles and reports in what has been one of Israel’s biggest cyber attacks. The attack which if you have not heard yet had leaked over 400k total credit cards with one intention, to disrupt the bank system and cause the Israeli government trouble and incur costs from having to destroy many cards and remake them. Reports are coming out of Israel now that the Deputy Foreign Minister Dany Ayalon has threatened to treat such cyber attacks as terrorist threats, which really leaves them open to use what ever force they wish to obtain the hackers. recently we have seen  other countries like America do the same with high scale attacks. Yesterday a blogger announced that he had exposed the identy of the saudi hacker but since the saudi hacker has released another document that has clear message, "come and get me" to the Israeli Authorities. "It is necessary to send a message to everyone who attacks or tries to attack Israel, including in cyberspace," Ayalon said to the Israeli Media Hackers stand warned, he said, "that they are putting themselves in danger and that they will not benefit from any immunity against reprisal actions from Israel." Cyber-attacks amount to "terrorism that must be treated as such. In cyberspace, we have active capacities and we can hit those who try to hit us." Ayalon also applauded the United States for declaring that "all attacks in their cyberspace will be considered as a declaration of war and they will react as if it had been a missile attack." So does this mean that now Israel will send a missile after you if u hack them? Opens many questions if you ask me, as that alone is starting a whole new level of cyber warfare that is just not needed, there are many other more friendly ways to handle situations then class a hacker a terrorist.

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