Hacked, Database leaked

news-of-the-championship-israeli-football In recent days there has been a huge amount of focus on israel with cyber attacks being carried almost constantly for a 24 period. One of the latest attacks is on an israeli football and information site named which appears to provide score and team related information. The leaked data was posted to pastebin by user XFLAM3S. The leaked data contains a complete terminal print out from a SQLmapping on the site which has result in its database being leaked from various tables that have user account information from bbforums, phpbb systems and alike. the leaked information is in the format of users names, email addresses and encrypted passwords as well as other information related to the accounts and altogether 138 account credentials have been exposed. It’s unsure if this attack has been carried out in the name of Opisrael v2 but it is a bit of a coincidence that it is released while that operation is still ongoing by some hacktivist.

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