Isuzu France Hacked, Data Leaked by @pentester_1996

500px-isuzu_wordmark-svg_ A hacker using the handle Human Mind Crack3r or @pentester_1996 has posted a leak of data from yet another automotive Giant. This time the hackers have set sights on Isuzu France (, one of the worlds biggest and well known automotive company’s which has operated since the early 1900’s and is a Japanese car giant that is used all around the world with it mass producing commercial trucks and engines for other company’s as well as a range of other products. > The company was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa (1880–1967) in 1916, as theTokyo Gas Company, a Japanese oil and gasoline manufacturer, the establishment combined with the carmaker was renamed Isuzu, after Isuzu River in 1934.

The breach was announced in the late hours of Sunday the 26th of may 2013 by the hackers on twitter and was posted to > #Hacked Hacked by Me … @ehackernews @thehackersnews @cyber_war_news .… — Human Mind Crack3r (@pentester_1996) May 26, 2013

The leaked data is in the format of a SQLi extraction with basic server information, database tables and column data which contains administrator accounts, user accounts and staff accounts from the french based Isuzu server. The credentials leaked contain user names, real names and email addresses as well as encrypted passwords. Just like some recent leaks it has also exposed other automotive domains such as Grand Garage Valleys ( with some administration of that site being admin on the Isuzu server leaving one to question if the automotive industry has any security at all as we are seeing a new leak almost every 12hrs. Its not the first time this year that Isuzu has come under attack with a few archives of defacement’s uploaded to the well known site that have affected the Polish (.pl) and Saudi Arabia domains (.sa).

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