IT: Gino Group car dealership notifies customers of ransomware attack

Matteo Borgetto reports (translation):

«Dear Customer, on 7 April 2021 we unfortunately discovered that our systems had been attacked by unknown hackers. We therefore immediately appointed a specialized company, in order to try to solve the problem and to limit the damage as much as possible ». The letter, via e-mail, was sent to thousands of customers throughout Italy. The sign was given by the Gino spa Group of Cuneo, the main dealer in the car sector of Granda, one of the most important nationally, which every year delivers over 10 thousand cars of prestigious brands (Mercedes Benz, Bmw, Mini, Aston Martin), 8 branches and 340 employees in Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany, with a turnover of 250 million euros.

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