IT: USL Umbria2, a healthcare facility, attacked with ransomware

The following is a translation of a report by Ruetir:

IT attack on the IT systems of the USU Umbria 2 whose malfunctions have been detected since Sunday morning. Investigations by the Terni postal police are underway. In particular, the presence of viruses was found which, in addition to the corporate network, also affected part of the servers and PCs that guarantee the functioning of digital services. The analysis – reports the health company itself – highlighted a ransomware-type attack that had “significant” repercussions on the operation of both administrative and health services.

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The regional health service posted a notice on their site as well (translation follows):

April 12, 2021. Problems with the company IT network, urgent notice to the patients of the Usl Umbria 2 company


TERNI – During the very early morning of Sunday 11 April, around 5.30 am, malfunctions were detected in the company IT systems due to the presence of viruses that hit the company IT network and part of the servers and personal computers that guarantee the functioning of digital services.

All the measures aimed at analyzing the situation and limiting the event were immediately taken.

The analysis was conducted with the collaboration of the Postal Police officers called on the spot, and highlighted a ransomware-type attack that had significant repercussions on the operation of both administrative and health services.

In particular, the services affected by the viral attack were found to be: infrastructure servers, analysis laboratories and some hospital activities which, however, continue to guarantee, albeit with some slowdown, the assistance and care services to users.

At the end of Sunday it was in fact possible to reactivate a server capable of ensuring the functionality of the laboratory activities and the Emergency Department. The IT and telecommunications service is working for the full restoration of company activities.

We apologize with our patients for possible inconveniences, we inform the citizenry that all law enforcement emergency pandemic (running swabs and vaccination campaign) are regularly carried out by teams of health districts and hospitals Company USL Umbria 2.

Previous Notice of April 11:

Since this morning, Sunday 11 April 2021, the information system of the health company Usl Umbria 2 has undergone an important malfunction that has made some services unavailable, including that of the analysis laboratory.

The platform for the online collection of laboratory reports is currently inaccessible.

The IT and telecommunications service is working to try to restore the functionality of the system.

We apologize for the inevitable inconvenience that will arise in the coming days, citizens are invited to go to the hospital and district services of the Usl Umbria 2, for laboratory analysis and radiology services, only in cases of urgent urgency defined by their own doctor.

Performance will be promptly recovered once full functionality of the computer system has been restored.

Vaccination sessions and control activities using swabs will in any case be guaranteed.

As soon as the technical problem has been resolved, the company will give ample communication to users.

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