It was a good day for dumpster divers…

Steve Barrett reports from Florida:

 An Orlando man searching for scrap metal Tuesday night reported finding thousands of financial documents ripe with people’s personal information tossed in a dumpster.

For identity thieves, the documents would have been a gold mine of information.

“(They contained) emails, phone numbers, date of birth, child’s date of birth, you name it,” said Jeff Strum, who found the documents. “Everything is there, even addresses and everything … bank information (including) how much they had in the bank, how much they put in the bank.”

So why doesn’t WFTV report where the documents are from?

Meanwhile, in Texas, KRGV reports:

A viewer notified CHANNEL 5 NEWS he found stacks of folders filled with information of people from the Rio Grande Valley.


Among the trash were copies of people’s driver’s license and Social Security cards attached to job applications. Most of the paperwork belonged to people out of Brownsville.

Aguilera said the top of the applications listed a company called Millennium Solutions Inc.

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  1. Billy Reuben - March 2, 2017

    The Orlando documents look like they’re from a realtor’s office. I realize the fuzzed pictures may not be related to the incident, but sometimes the news org leave clues.

    In any case, I agree that the culprit(s) should have been outed.

  2. Justin Shafer - March 2, 2017


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