Italian city of Palermo shuts down all systems to fend off cyberattack

Bill Toulas reports:

The municipality of Palermo in Southern Italy suffered a cyberattack on Friday, which appears to have had a massive impact on a broad range of operations and services to both citizens and visiting tourists.

Palermo is home to about 1.3 million people, the fifth most populous city in Italy. The area is visited by another 2.3 million tourists every year.

Although local IT experts have been trying to restore the systems for the past three days, all services, public websites, and online portals remain offline.

Read more at BleepingComputer.

Updated June 9:  Vice Society threat actors have added Palermo to their leak site with a countdown clock to publication.  The countdown clock approach is a bit atypical for Vice Society, who usually just add a listing when they are dumping all the data. Whether this reflects the infusion on new affiliates or not remains to be seen.

Notice on Vice Society's leak site
Vice Society added Palermo, Italy to their leak site with a countdown clock.

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