Italian Trade Union of State Police Officers Hacked & Defaced by The Anonymous Anarchist Agency

Hacktivism is still a thing, although we may not see as much of it here in the U.S. these days. The headlines about hundreds of German politicians having their details dumped may have garnered more attention here, but there have been other ongoing campaigns that have tended to be ignored by U.S. media. One such group of hacktivists call themselves the Anonymous Anarchist Agency. Their signature is similar in structure or formatting to Anonymous’s well-known sign-off, but yet different:

We are Autonomen,
We are Ungovernable,
We are Action,
We do not forget our comrades,

Anonymous Anarchist Agency

Image supplied by Rogue Media Labs.
Image supplied by Rogue Media Labs.

During the month of December, the group struck a number of targets in France (#OpFrance) and Italy. They may have struck elsewhere, too, but to be honest, I haven’t quite caught up with all of their activities yet, as they were not on my radar.

Brian Dunn of Rogue Media Labs reported on a recent incident in Italy:

Over the weekend, December 30th 2018, the Anonymous Anarchist Agency announced a hack and data leak effecting the website of the Italian Trade Union of State Police Officers. In a press release originally published by Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, hackers released the contact information of over 200 Italian police officers, including their full names and personal email addresses. Hackers also posted the user login name and password of 26 website administrators, theoretically giving anyone access to the back end of the website and its contents.

Read more on Rogue Media Labs.

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