J.P. Morgan won’t notify customers affected by breach

Priya Anand reports:

J.P. Morgan Chase  won’t notify those customers who have been affected by its summer security breach — estimated to be two-thirds of U.S. households — that their personal information was exposed, a spokesperson for the bank told MarketWatch. When asked why, the spokesperson said, “That’s just what we’re doing.” The nation’s largest bank said yesterday in a government filing that the breach affected 76 million U.S. households and 7 million small businesses, compromising names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and “internal JPMorgan Chase information relating to such users.” The bank has posted a notice on its website and mobile app advising customers of an “important update about cyber security.”

Read more on MarketWatch.

As I reported here last week, JPMorgan did send email notifications about the breach – at least to some of us, as I received one. The notification essentially repeated what was in the notice on their web site, but it was a notification.

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