Jackson Township, Ohio hit by digital security ‘incident.’

Amy Knapp and Steven Grazier report:

The township government has been hit by an unspecified computer network “incident” that’s been affecting the function of multiple systems.

Administrator and Law Director Mike Vaccaro said in a prepared statement Friday afternoon that officials are working with external cybersecurity experts to work through the problem. An investigation has also been launched into the matter, which has not resulted in any known access of unauthorized, personal or employee data.


Primary township services, such as police, fire and emergency medical (EMS), have not been interrupted, and Jackson employees continue to work regular shifts and hours, Fiscal Officer Randy Gonzalez said earlier Friday.

Police Chief Mark Brink said officers have been answering emergency calls as normal and with no major hiccups.

However the Jackson Police Department is not able to receive and respond to non-emergency email messages,

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