Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Hit by Virus

IT was bound to happen sooner or later, a space agency is now reporting that it has suffered from a unknown virus attack from unknown sources. JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is reporting that is has found traces of a active data mining virus. The virus which has been targeting information about the unmanned spacecrafts that take supplies and other payloads to the international space station. Its not the first time these systems have had a virus either back in august the exact same system found traces of a virus. JAXA also has determined that the computer "sent out some information" sometime between July 6 and Aug. 11 of 2011, officials said. The space agency is working to minimize the damage and prevent further incursions. "With the above backdrop, passwords for all accessible systems from the computer have been immediately changed in order to prevent any abuse of possibly leaked information, and we are currently investigating the scale of damage and the impact," JAXA said in the statement. "Also, all other computer terminals are being checked for virus infections." So really now the Cyber Security problems go further than ground infrastructure it goes all the way and beyond to space, cyberspace.

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